Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

Burger lovers rejoice! Grill’d Healthy Burgers is here!

If you’re looking for a gourmet burger experience like no other, come to Grill’d at Emporium, Fortitude Valley in Brisbane. We’re open for lunch and dinner.

Grill’d is perfect for any occasion: from a casual work lunch, to a birthday dinner, family get-together, and everything in between.

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The healthy burger specialists

Grill’d are the healthy burger specialists, offering a mouth-watering range of fresh, healthy flame-grilled burgers made with love.

We only ever use the highest quality, freshest ingredients to make our burgers. That’s why they’re ideal for those who enjoy eating well, keeping fit and feeling healthy.

The Grill’d menu

Our menu has a fantastic range of burgers. And we only use Australian produce, including:

  1. Beef that is 100% grass-fed and free range
  2. Steak that is prime aged 100% grass-fed scotch fillet
  3. Chicken breast that is RSPCA approved
  4. Lamb that is 100% grass-fed and free range
  5. Veggie patties that are vegan and gluten free.


Many of our burgers incorporate non-traditional, high-quality toppings such as cranberry sauce, roasted capsicum, brie cheese and avocado.

Check out our full menu!

More than just burgers

We don’t just make great burgers at Grill’d. We also have fantastic steak sandwiches, sliders, salads, kids burgers, and a range of sides including our famous Grill’d chips, sweet potato chips, zucchini chips and avocado chips.

Customise your burger

Want to add an ingredient to your burger? Or take something off because you have an allergy, intolerance, or simply don’t like it? No problem.

And, if you simply fancy getting creative, that’s fine too. You can personalise your burger with any of our produce. Go wild.

Why Grill’d?

Forget greasy, fatty burgers full of chemicals made by companies who destroy the planet. Grill’d is the new generation of burgers.

Starting out in 2004, we’re all about ‘being good, doing good and feeling good’. That means, when you eat at Grill’d, we can guarantee that no cages, hormones, or nasty chemicals were used to make your burger. We source locally produced, high-quality produce.

As part of our commitment to ‘doing good’, we donate money to those who need it, and help support local causes.

And in terms of feeling good—well, simply try one of our burgers and you’ll know what we’re talking about. Our burgers are healthy, but don’t compromise on taste. So you get the amazing taste sensation of a real burger, without the ‘fast food regret’ or guilt that often comes afterwards.

Eat Healthy, Eat Tasty, Eat Grill’d!

Phone Numbers: 07 3257 7174
Location: 1000 Ann Street Fortitude Valley, Brisbane 4006

  • Monday10am - 10pm
  • Tuesday10am - 10pm
  • Wednesday10am - 10pm
  • Thursday10am - 10pm
  • Friday10am - 11pm
  • Saturday10am - 11pm
  • Sunday10am - 10pm
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